Downlight Attic Seal - Downlights and Insulation
Down-lights and Loft Insulation together in the ceiling to the loft are a source of heat loss for home owners and of-course concern of how to treat these thermally weak light fittings. The Downlight Attic Seal is a quality product developed to resolve these problems.

The illustration below shows how most downlights in attic ceilings are treated and as a consequence the easy path for draughts and heat-loss.

As can be seen the loft insulation should be kept away from untreated downlights.
Loft insulation is not continuous and will leave the ceiling weak in the fight against heat-loss.
Each downlight can pass 20 cubic meters per hour of conditioned (heated) air from living area to attic (at 50pa pressure), this is energy and heat loss.

Downlight without insulation fitted around will allow air flow or draughts.

Down-light attic seal - fitted