Downlight Attic Seal - Fitting Instructions
Always ensure Health and Safety in the home and work place. Health and Safety should be considered before, during and after undertaking works.Before fitting dowlight covers, ensure that electrical wiring and components meet and are fitted to current standards, e.g; BS 7671 and/or IEC 60364 (British & European Standards) and relevant manufacturers instructions. Thermahood is not suitable for use with Dichroic type or non-reflector type lamps. Check that all components are suitable to be covered and/or enclosed, if required get a qualified professional to survey and carry out works.When satisfied with your electrical wiring and components the following fitting instructions can be followed;

Isolate power source (Turn Off Power At Meter), before working around electrical equipment.
Clear the area around the downlight and clean dust from ceiling lining (plasterboard etc).
Typical Down-Light - 230v LED GU10 Bulb
Place the downlight cover over the downlight, bring the wire through the aperture on the rim of the cover, even  if it is a double wire it should still fit neatly into the aperture.The downlight cover can be rotated to suit the most convenient direction for wires to be brought in/out of the cover.

Down-Light Attic Seal - fitting in progress, applying adhesive. If all is fitting neatly and you prefer to have your downlight cover adhered to the ceiling, then take the cover off and apply water based adhesive around the rim of the Downlight Attic Seal.

Down-Light Attic Seal - fitting in progress
Loft Insulation - Complete (124x166)The downlight cover can 
now be fitted to the ceiling lining, making sure to keep enough slack on the wires to be able to change the bulb/lamp. Insulation can be fitted up to and over the Downlight Attic Seal.

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